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The BurCell System provides game-changing solutions that redefine how these waste materials can be recycled, upcycled, and repurposed into valuable commodities that displace virgin sourced materials.

Cordele - Demo Facility

In 2018 the first commercial scale BurCell System was installed and is in operations at Synergy Solutions facility in Cordele, GA. The BurCell System was incorporate into an existing materials recovery facility (MRF) and has become a key component in the recovery and reuse of waste organics from MSW. Over 50% of the MSW delivered to this MRF consists of waste organics and solid paper. The BurCell System recovers virtually all of the organic material and creates an enhances feedstock that has a variety of beneficial uses.

BurCell system in Cordele

We are focused on protecting the environment and providing sustainable stewardship for our host communities.

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The BurCell® System is a vacuum aided thermal decomposition process that diverts food, paper, and many other organic wastes from going to landfills:

  • Has the capacity to process up to 150 tons per day of unsorted Municipal Waste, Source Separated Organics, and numerous additional Industrial & Farm waste streams depending upon operating conditions
  • Producing a clean, homogenous and energy-rich feedstock
  • Is able to utilize non-potable water for processing
  • Diverts recyclable and plastics from landfills