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The Game-Changing BurCell® Centric Platform

Circularity, Sustainability, Landfill Diversion, Lower Carbon Intensity, and Improved Economics.

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BurCell Technologies is a project development and technology services company. The BurCell process recovers and homogenizes all the organics available in the waste it processes, including the wastepaper and corrugated, homogenizes it, and transforms it into a highly digestible feedstock capable of producing high quality renewable natural gas. Our Projects provide our waste management partners with cost-effective landfill diversion of up to 80% of the waste processed.

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The Feedstock

There is over 2 billion tons of waste generated worldwide each year. By 2050, it is anticipated that number will grow to over 3.4 billion tons. Only 20% of this waste is converted to renewable energy or recycled. In some parts of the world, more than 50% of the waste is compromised of food and green waste.

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The BurCell System

A BurCell Centric Processing Center has the capability of diverting up to 80% of the mixed waste that it processes. The organic feedstock that it delivers to an anaerobic digestion operation has the benefit of the “BurCell Boost”; more digestible material that digests faster.

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Sustainability and Waste

BurCell Technologies continues to develop The BurCell System and integrate viable technologies into our projects. By doing this, we can maximize the value of recycled commodities while providing sustainable downstream production of products such as RNG and solid fuel feedstocks.

We are all on this rock together.

Most of us, our kids, our grand-kids, and their future generations beyond will likely not have the resources to leave for greener pastures. Thus, it is imperative that we work together to timely reverse our planet’s destructive, life-threatening, and unsustainable trajectory. Whether we are already at a crisis point in time, or not… striving to be more responsible and sustainable, cleaning up our air, water, and land while rejecting non-sustainable and polluting practices are not just important policies, but will provide the lowest total cost and most economically rewarding sustainable economic growth for all of our Planet.

Invest in our future.

Striving to be more responsible and sustainable by cleaning up our air, water, and land are not just important policies, but will provide the lowest total cost.

Why choose the BurCell System?

From efficiency to quality design, there are many reasons to use our system.

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Enhances the digestibility of organic fraction of MSW.

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Maximizes the purity and recovery of organics.

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Produces a more homogenous organic fraction.

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Feedstock is easier to feed into a Anaerobic Digester.

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Creates a more sustained and predictable gas generation performance.

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Provides for higher yield of Biogas over a shorter hydraulic residence time (HRT).

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Enables the recovery of mixed plastics and other materials with high BTU yields for thermal conversion.

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With the BurCell Systems modular and simple design, daily operation costs are lower than the traditions processing centers.

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With the lower heat and negative pressure, The BurCell System is safer to operate than traditional systems.

It’s all about the feedstock.

Municipal Solid Waste consist of everyday items that are used daily and thrown away. Over the years, much of this material ends up in landfills for disposal by burying it and covering it with soil.

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These are our partners.

Thanks to our partners, we are able to strengthen our goals and come much closer to achieving our mission.