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The BurCell® System

BurCell Technologies is committed to providing sustainable solutions that protect our environment and support the surrounding communities.

What is MSW?

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) consist of everyday items that are used daily and thrown away. Haulers collect this MSW and take it transfer stations for disposal. Over the years, most of this material ends up in landfills for disposal by burying it and covering it with soil.

Trash in the wilderness

Landfills are filling up.

Recycling programs are being cancelled and over 2,600 landfills across the United States are filling up. The propriety BurCell System not only diverts up to 75% of the waste from landfills, but it also recovers over 90% of valuable organics trapped in the municipal solid waste (MSW) streams.

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The Solution.

The BurCell Systems provides a game changing solution that redefines how waste material can be recycled and repurposed into valuable commodities that displace virgin sources materials.

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Enhances the digestibility of organic fraction of MSW.

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Maximizes the purity and recovery of organics.

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Produces a more homogenous organic fraction.

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Feedstock is easier to feed into a Anaerobic Digester.

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Creates a more sustained and predictable gas generation performance.

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Provides for higher yield of Biogas over a shorter hydraulic residence time (HRT).

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Enables the recovery of mixed plastics and other materials with high BTU yields for thermal conversion.

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With the BurCell Systems modular and simple design, daily operation costs are lower than the traditions processing centers.

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With the lower heat and negative pressure, The BurCell System is safer to operate than traditional systems.

The New Paradigm of Circularity.

The BurCell System produces enhanced organics that have been proven, in testing, to increase biogas production.

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