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SAVANNAH, GEORGIA, USA, BurCell Technologies, a pioneer in sustainable waste management and renewable energy solutions, is thrilled to announce its participation in Biogas Americas 2024. This premier industry event, hosted by the American Biogas Council, will be held from May 13-16 in Savannah, Georgia, and is the largest conference of the biogas industry in the United States. Attendees are invited to meet the BurCell team at our booth to explore the transformative BurCell® System and its crucial role in advancing biogas technology.

BurCell Technologies specializes in a proprietary process that converts organic waste into valuable feedstocks for renewable natural gas and other biogas applications. The BurCell® System can divert up to 75% of the waste processed, significantly advancing sustainable waste handling. This technology supports environmental goals and drives economic benefits by reducing landfill use and creating renewable energy sources.

Ron Barmore, CEO of BurCell Technologies, stated, “As we continue to face global challenges in waste management, our innovative BurCell® System provides a viable solution by transforming organic waste into renewable biogas. Biogas Americas 2024 offers an excellent platform for us to showcase our technology and engage with industry leaders to discuss and develop future-oriented biogas solutions.”

The Biogas Americas conference is essential for anyone involved in the biogas sector, providing opportunities to network, learn, and discover new tools and technologies. By participating, BurCell Technologies aims to contribute to the growth of the biogas market and demonstrate how its innovative solutions can meet the industry’s needs.

Chris Peters, Senior Vice President of Business Development, and Jennifer Stewart, Director of Marketing and Communications, will be available to discuss how the BurCell® System can meet specific industry needs. They will share insights into how our technology enhances compliance with environmental regulations and increases operational efficiency in waste processing facilities.

About BurCell Technologies

Founded on the principles of sustainability and innovation, BurCell Technologies delivers cutting-edge solutions for processing municipal waste streams. Through its proprietary BurCell® System, the company transforms mixed municipal solid waste into high-quality, renewable feedstocks suitable for anaerobic digestion and biogas production. This system promotes environmental stewardship and improves community well-being by providing a cleaner and more efficient alternative to traditional waste disposal methods.

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